I'm Maura.

I am a planner currently striving to live in the moment, a hopeless romantic facing reality, and dreamer who refuses to settle, and a sinner saved by grace through faith.

I identify with the enneagram type 3w4 & love adventures, tea lattes, and my fourteen year old Maltese (Cherry, basically my first born child). I am a recent college grad with a B.A. in Communication.


You can always find me in my room (I love my alone time) or with my best friends. I'll have a candle burning, The Office playing in the background, and my pup at my feet. I love healthy cooking, all natural skincare & yoga, so sometimes my friends make fun of me for being a little too "earthy"... I'm fine with it.

Located in North Georgia but available all over the U.S.

Photography is something that makes my heart so particularly happy.

At every couples session and wedding I work to create beautiful art with people, for people, to capture time and to tell stories. Capturing all of the little moments are my favorite part of wedding days. The unnoticed, unplanned, precious moments that create an archive of one of the sweetest days of your life. Through my wedding business I have found myself reaching out to touch the all consuming emotion of love that we have on this earth among us. From all of the raw and hungry couples who I have been blessed to work with, I get butterflies from their smiles, chills from their stories and a tingling on the bottom of my feet as I capture their love from behind my camera. Read more about my photography journey here. Although this is my job, I hope to treat it as an act of service to all of my clients. I strive to deliver as much joy to my couples as they have delivered to me. It is an absolute honor and blessing to be trusted with your moments.


I believe my purpose is to be much more than a vendor, but an awesome part of your love story and possibly your life.

A friend to laugh with, cry with, and dream with. If you agree, then I am your photographer.

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01. Jesus

02. traveling

03. good food

04. design

05. thrifting

06. plants

Some of my favorite things