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Now what? Get excited!

Booking your vendors is a huge deal and something to be proud of.

I am personally honored to be a part of your special day and can't wait to walk with you through this season and capture your happiest and sweetest moments.

From talking to brides over the years, I know planning can be intimidating, especially if you haven't hired a full time planner. I strive to make your planning as smooth as possible, giving you all of the information I have gathered through my years working in the wedding industry.



Don't worry, I'm your photo gal & I got ya.

I won't let things slip through the cracks. But for your planning and peace of mind, this is the timeline I typically use when I'm contacting you (or your planner) about scheduling engagements, asking about ceremony time, getting family info from you, etc...


Schedule Engagements

(you'll get this full gallery within 21 days after our session)

4 - 6 Weeks Out

I'll ask you all the questions about your ceremony time, first look preference, send-off time, H&MU time info, etc.

Wedding Day!










coffee date

Check in

Tell me how everything is going!

How can I help?

2 Weeks Out

Timeline, family shot list, special request list all completed.

Arrival time & addresses are all double checked and I make sure I have contact info for your planner / coordinator / MOB.

Let's Chat: Engagements

I love engagement sessions. Seriously. They are a great way for me to really learn how you two interact in front of my camera & have tons of fun together.

I am a very casual person, so I like to treat my engagement sessions like a hangout sesh. We do lots of chatting between shots, dancing, laughing, we might even listen to some music, eat a little snack, or grab beers.

As far as where & when, that's totally up to you! It only takes 2-3 weeks to get those photos back into your hands after our session, so just keep that in mind. We can shoot as close or as far away from your date as you wish to!

Location is typically chosen as a team effort between you guys and me. I will ask all the questions to find out if there is somewhere special that you would like to include for sentimental reasons, or if you just really love the vibes of a certain place.

2 outfits, one more casual one more 'fancy' is typically the sweet spot for these 1.5 hour engagement sessions. Wear what you feel cute in. Even if that means jean shorts that compliment your butt and a thrifted t-shirt.


Let's Chat: Family Portraits

If you are one of my many bride & grooms with lots of family members at the wedding, we want to have a solid plan for family portraits! Having a detailed list of what you want me to capture as formal portraits can make a long complicated process into a simple and orderly 10-30 minutes of shooting.

For your reference, here is a very general example of what your family portrait list should look like. I often find that separating between bride & groom's families and listing from biggest to smallest works best.


Post-Ceremony Family Portrait Shot List


  • B&G Bride's side extended (parents, siblings, grandparents, and first cousins)

  • B&G Bride's immediate family with grandparents

  • B&G Bride's immediate family

  • B&G Bride's siblings

  • B&G Bride's parents


  • B&G both sets of parents

  • B&G both sets of immediate family


  • B&G groom's side extended (parents, siblings, grandparents, and first cousins)

  • B&G groom's immediate family with grandparents

  • B&G groom's immediate family

  • B&G groom's siblings

  • B&G groom's parents


It of course doesn't have to be exactly like this, but this format & order usually helps speed the process along. I would keep it to titles vs. names! That seems to help me when I am trying to gather people.

Let's Chat: Special Request List

& Details

So I will preface this section by saying you do not need any type of shot list to give to me, unless you want to have one!

I work off of my experience and capturing moments, not particularly off of lists. However, a "special request list" can give you the chance to tell me anything you absolutely must have captured a specific way. If there is a specific pose you know you want during B&G portraits, or a group photo with your squad from college, or a photo with an important guest who was not in the family portraits, just let me know and we will make it happen!

Now for the detail shots. I always recommend to find a shoebox or bag that can fit everything you would like for me to include in your detail shots when I arrive on your wedding day! It's typically easiest to make these happen first thing when I arrive on site. This way I don't have to take your ring and your shoes later on.

We can make these very unique to you. Typically my formal detail shots include your bouquet, shoes, jewelry, rings, invitations, Polaroids or little prints of the couple, a post card from the city of the venue or the location of the ceremony, letters, vows, notes, you get the picture. I have lots of styling elements that I throw in, no need to worry about purchasing a ring box or ribbon unless you want to have a particular color to match your day very specifically.


Thanks For Choosing Me!

Ask me questions, rant to me, send me pictures from dress shopping...

I am here for you & I can't wait to be a part of this season.