Jenna & Ridge | Pisgah National Forest

Jenna and Ridge. What can I say... basically magic happens whenever they step in front of my camera. I actually shot their proposal about a year ago which was a part of my Passion Project and the real start to getting more adventurous and like-minded clients. Now I get to be a part of their big day next May. I am so excited. Check out a little piece of their story HERE.

So as we were riding together up the mountain it started to pour down on us. Of course we were starting to freak out- we had only driven three hours to get there. But I knew we could get something great out of our time together- even if we set up another session later. We could at least have some fun and enjoy the view and the mud puddles. So as the rain slowed down until it was only a sprinkle, I convinced Jenna to start the session with the notion of, if you hate how you look, we can do them all again, but lets just work with what we got. Well... what we got was crazy beautiful and precious portraits of love and adventure. I would not change a single thing about that day, that weather, or these photographs. Please note that Jenna hiked all of Max Patch barefoot. In the mud. Around thorns and rocks. And never complained. And she looked awesome doing it. Enjoy.